Autoteck Industry S.A.E. is a diversified, proud small business. Autoteck was established in 1991 as Autotek Valves S.A.E.

Today Autoteck is the largest manufacturer of Engine Valves, Guides and other engine parts in Egypt. We are also engaged in many phases of parts manufacturing for the Transport Industry from simple components to complex precision components.

Our 20,000 sq. feet manufacturing facility is equipped with current technology and traditional equipment allowing us versatility in manufacturing.

Our factory is equipped to meet and exceed most technical requirements. We assure that no part or assembly is shipped without final testing and inspection by our quality assurance personnel.

The rules of today’s business environment have changed. The world has become smaller and efficient outsourcing for competitive pricing and success has become important. In addition to our own production, we have developed close partners in various areas

The Government has identified Transport as a key area for improvement and growth and a driver to reviving the post-revolution Egyptian economy. Our experience and proven service to the Transport Industry have demonstrated our capability to meet today’s and tomorrow’s industry requirements.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you.